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[2023.01.08] Today's Voca 오늘의 어휘

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[2022.01.08] Today's Voca 오늘의 어휘 

새해가 밝았습니다.

여러분은 새해에 성취하고 싶은 목표가 있으신가요?

함께 공유하고 응원하면 좋을 것 같아요.

그리고 여러분 나라에서 새해를 맞는 특별한 문화가 있으면 함께 나눠주세요.

A new year has begun.

Do you have any goals you want to achieve in the new year?

It'd be nice to share and cheer for them together.

And if there's any special culture in your country to celebrate the New Year in your country, please share it with us.




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